Agatine Eyelets

Alden offers 3 types of eyelets; Agatine, Matched Agatine, and Blind. Blind eyelets are hidden underneath the leather row or stay, Matched Agatine eyelets are painted to approximate the color of the shoe, and Agatine eyelets are brass colored and shiny.

Here are some shots of the Agatine Eyelet being used effectively, giving the shoes an incredible amount of depth and personality. Eyelets can make or break a style and I think these examples are outstanding cases of the eyelet making the shoe.


Leather Soul

Museum Ark

Leather Soul


Leather Soul


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3 Responses to Agatine Eyelets

  1. farfel says:

    Can you post examples of invisible and matching eyelets?

  2. lawpaul says:

    I really like the agatine eyelets on my Blackbird shoes. I’ve gotten several compliments and I think it is because of the eyelets that folks first notice the shoes. Then the fall for the the pebble grain calf leather and wonderful #8 cordovan saddle.

    Thanks for highlighting this feature.

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