The Obsession Begins

2 years ago I bought my first pair of Aldens: The 405 “Indy” boot. Much has been said already about the history of the 405 and how it came to be known as the Indy, but for me those facts didn’t really matter because I now had on my feet the most comfortable, well built pair of shoes I’d ever experienced. I was hooked.

As I write this now I have 10 pairs of Aldens, with 5 more on order. I wear them and polish them and smell them and spend time just holding them. I’ve taken them up to the roof to soak up the sun. I can smell the cordovan and cedar when I’m falling asleep at night.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours on the internet and in stores researching Aldens, tirelessly observing every detail of the different models. I’ve been an active member on several shoe forums and have become quite familiar with the culture of Aldens. I check the Alden thread on my phone before I even get out of bed in the morning.  For the last 10 months I’ve had the privilege of working in a retail store selling Aldens, speaking with customers and learning from them as well as informing them. I have had a hand in detailing over 20 custom make-ups. I have even spent dozens of hours drawing pictures of Aldens. It’s quite baffling when I think about how much time and energy I have devoted to these shoes and boots made by a 126 year old shoe company from Massachusetts.

I am obsessed with Alden.

I don’t consider myself an expert and I still have a lot to learn, but my goal for this blog is to share my knowledge and passion for Alden with you.


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Obsessed with Alden
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15 Responses to The Obsession Begins

  1. wantingaldens says:

    still trying to decide between a few pair, namely color#8 or chromexcel indy or color#8 wingtip…i really hope this blog stays alive, i feel like you’ll have great information and experiences to share. possibly the first blog i’ll actively follow, provided you actively write 😉

  2. Bob Anderson says:

    I picked up my first pair last month, black cordovan jumpers from Bryan. I, too, am hooked on the brand for a variety of reasons. I live in the Seattle area where I am lucky enough to have two retailers close by. Unfortunately, I am not particularly interested in the styles they have in stock. Oh well, at least I now know my size in the various lasts. I am looking forward to your blog as a source of more information, particularly with regard to special ordering.

    BTW – what do you have on order??

    • Thanks for reading
      Sounds like you might have the addiction!
      2 on order are Indy shoe in natural Chromexcel and a pebble grain workboot, both from Unionmade
      and 3 more in the works are still top secret 😉

  3. Jack says:

    Awesome idea, I one day hope to save up enough money to own a pair of Aldens. Meanwhile, I will tune into your blog and see what all the fuss is about. 🙂

  4. Chris says:

    great blog; one i will have to check regularly

    perhaps you could share your collection with the rest of the world? would love to see them. I am a proud Alden owner of three pairs myself.

  5. Alex says:

    I was attracted by Alden about two months ago and already bought ten pairs and a lot more to go. It’s a pity that I was planning to order some dressy Italian shoes at first….. I just can’t pull myself off from Alden but their shoes are definitely worth buying. I’m just wondering are they really that tough? (My first Natural Chromexcel Indy is on the way)

    Good Blog! I’m planning to put a big section on Alden’s footwear and share the spirit of high quality shoes in China.

    Alex Chan

  6. JakeM says:

    I love these shoes! Im new to all this and would love to someday own a pair of Aldens, but at the moment i cannot afford them.
    I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction for a pair that have the similar style, just a bit cheaper? Maybe under $150 range or so.
    Any insight would be greatly appreciated, and I promise I too will own a pair or more of Aldens someday…

    • Hi. I’m glad you’re starting to take interest in nice shoes, and I hope you get to experience Alden for yourself really soon.

      As for recommendations, I would have a hard time recommending a less expensive brand without knowing what you want – it really depends what appeals to you about Alden. If you like the comfort, look for a welted shoe with a steel shank and heel counter. If you really just like the look, there are a lot of other brands inspired by Alden on the market in all price ranges.

      What might be a good idea for you is to check eBay… you can find some great deals on gently used Alden shoes.

      To me the value with Alden is the support and comfort of having a really well-built shoe on your feet. This is not to say that there aren’t other well made shoes out there for less, but my area of expertise is really with Alden. I agree that they cost a lot, but I honestly feel like it’s worth it.

      Thanks for reading!

  7. JakeM says:

    oh i definitely feel theyre worth the price. theyd last a lifetime and theyd only look better with age.
    i suppose the reason i like them so much is theyre look. they have this classic design that will last forever also. ive been looking for a boot that looks like a lot of the Alden boots and cant find them anywhere.
    at least, what are the names of some of the styles of boots? then i could at least shop around by using that.
    thank you so much for your insight. i appreciate it more than you know..

  8. JakeM says:

    A boot like the ones that say Black Beauty and the Cigar Shell Cordovan, something like that. Nice and simple, clean, thats what im looking for. Theyre beautiful.
    How could i find some like that?..

    • Sounds like you are interested in boots with a plain toe. Alden calls that style the Navy Blucher High or just Plain Toe boot. There are tons of different versions that have been made with that pattern and almost every Alden retailer has done at least one or two. Alden themselves don’t stock a plain toe boot usually so you’ll have to find a retailer that has done a makeup. The Black Beauty AF89 is from Alden of Carmel and it’s on their website with a number of other boots. Good luck with your search!

  9. JakeM says:

    Also, when i try and find Plain Toe boots online, all im getting is a bunch of work boots. Like Wolverine and Justins. How can I find ones like the ones on your site?

  10. Ville Raivio says:

    Greetings from Finland!

    Thank you for this most unusual and in-depth site on Alden. There’s precious little info on Alden’s history online. Perhaps you could provide us with some historical articles in the future?


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