Aged to Perfection

Often associated with some of the dressier make-ups, Cigar Shell Cordovan is as beautiful as it is rare. Loved for its transparent depth of color and its ability to hold a shine forever. Here is a pair of boots showing Cigar Shell in a more casual light, proving that Cordovan does not need to be babied. These are stunning.

Boots courtesy of ?uestionmark


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4 Responses to Aged to Perfection

  1. grumpy says:

    Who offered this makeup? I want them.

    • I want them too!
      I don’t know who made them but they are on the Modified Last which means they are either from Japan or Moulded Shoe in NYC. My guess is Moulded Shoe. You can contact them to see if there is a waiting list for that make-up. Good luck!

  2. joz411no says:

    The Shoemart, maybe?

  3. Roguls says:

    These were an Anatomica, Paris makeup. Moulded Shoe only offers one shell cordovan Modified last makeup, and only because they were “grandfathered in.” Alden really only allows foreign shops to make shell makeups on the Modified. Please go to Styleforum and look up the Alden Modified Last thread and add your names to the list for a petition to try and coerce Alden into allowing Moulded to make shell makeups again.

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