Edgetrim describes the finish applied to the sides of the sole on a particular make-up. Traditionally, Alden has applied dark edgetrim to darker shoes and a translucent “antiqued” edge to its shoes in lighter leathers. An antiqued edge allows the layers of leather that make up the sole to show, giving it a stacked effect. Lately we’ve been seeing shoes crop up using an antiqued edge on darker shoes and the results are beautiful. An antique edgetrim can give a shoe a whole new personality, adding dimension, warmth and a bit of nonchalance.

These next photos show the difference between the exact same shoe with a dark edgetrim and an antiqued edgetrim.

The Longwing Blucher in #8 Cordovan with light antique edgetrim by The Bureau, Belfast.

The Longwing Blucher in #8 Cordovan with dark edgetrim by Alden.


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11 Responses to Edgetrim

  1. bingolong says:


  2. John Missing says:

    Any thoughts about how to dress edgetrim of the brown stacked variety?

    • I just put a little Alden brown boot cream on mine to cover up any blatant scuffs. I’m sure there are better products out there for edges but I haven’t tried any yet. I also get my shoes professionally polished once or twice a year and they put something on the edges but I’m not sure what it is.

  3. Mister Lee Cross says:

    Question, the first two photos of the #8 Longwing from The Bureau Belfast looks a lot and if I must say exactly like the Cigar Cordovan leather. Is this the photo or lighting or actual color? There seems to be no red or burgundy in the #8 leather from The Bureau.

    • You are correct in that it does look a lot like Cigar. When color 8 is brand new, it is very dark and hard to see the red tones unless in direct light but it lightens up rather quickly to reveal its redness. Cigar is also very dark when brand new but also quickly lightens.

  4. Mister Lee Cross says:

    Cool, thanks for the info. Do you know or can you tell by these photos that the Cigar shoe from Alden of Carmel or antiqued or dark trim?


    • Those are light or medium antique. not dark.
      It’s a beautiful shoe and Adam at AofC gives great service.

      • Tarang Chawla says:

        I can second this. Adam gives excellent service. In fact, I bought that very same shoe (Cigar Longwing) from him a few weeks ago and he posted it out to me in Australia safely packed and in record time.

  5. benj says:

    …do you know if the dark edgetrim can be easily removed to reveal the natural edge below? I imagine a quick application of aniline/alcohol rubbed on the edge would instantly antique it to the desired effect.

    • Tarang Chawla says:

      Mineral or methylated spirits will do exactly that, Benj. I know this from personal experience. I had my Alden Cap Toe boot heels replaced recently and the dimwit who did it applied a brown edgetrim all the way around on my Color 8 boots. It looked ridiculous so I took to the spirits and rubbed it off, revealing the “natural” leather color underneath.

      My question, then, is, how do I get the regulation dark color 8 edgetrim back? I miss it… (I wish I were kidding…)

  6. Mister Lee Cross says:

    Thanks, Tarang. Do you know if rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide will also work to take off the dye?

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