Leffot NYC

I stopped by one of my favorite footwear shops, Leffot. Located on a beautiful corner near the beginning of Christopher Street, Leffot is a lesson in uncluttered merchandising and expertly selected items. Chatting with owner Steven Taffel, his philosophy becomes quite clear- Great, well-made product and excellent, friendly service.

Some items of interest:
A trio of pieces in Natural Chromexcel. The makeups looked great in person and I thought the longwing turned out extremely well.

The Alden assortment for Autumn. I particularly liked the brown wingtip boot in Tobacco Chamois.

Ravello Cap-toe boot on the Grant last. Bet you didn’t know he had these.

While I was in the shop the mailman dropped off some Alden boxes. Steven opened them up to find a new makeup he had done. Alden calls these wingtips the Atom blucher. This pair is done in a burnished tan calf and are on the Tru-flare last. These turned out to be a great combination, making them one gorgeous pair of shoes. I was impressed.


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2 Responses to Leffot NYC

  1. joz411no says:

    Great post. Those natural chromexcel chukkas look really good to me now. I suspect these photos you’ve posted look truer than many I’ve seen anywhere.

  2. Scott says:

    I’m thinking about the natural chromexcel longwing reorder. What would you think about the Atom in natural chromexcel? Maybe Leffot or Unionmade would be interested in doing this.

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