Go Commando

Now that October is here and the weather will soon be changing, I thought I’d share about the Commando Sole. Not only is it perfectly suited for Fall looks, this sole is extremely comfortable and great for rain and snow. You might end up sitting on the ground if you take your standard Indies for a walk in icy conditions.

The Commando Sole is basically a rubber tread attached to a double leather sole, so you get the support of leather and the grip and cushioning of rubber. Alden fans are often divided on whether or not this sole is appropriate for dressier occasions and some say it looks too “clunky”, but I submit that it works well for many styles and situations. On the forefoot the treads are recessed back a bit from the edge so they can’t be seen from the top or sides, camouflaging their functionality. This gives the shoes or boot a clean front edge which ends up being quite versatile. The heel block shows the tread all the way to the edge and looks slightly over-sized in comparison to the front, but once you’ve tried them on and see how comfortable they are, you might not mind at all.

Shoe Mart

Cigar Indy by Leffot

Leather Soul

J. Gilbert

Boots courtesy Zippyh

Alden of Carmel


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8 Responses to Go Commando

  1. Clifford says:

    That’s an appropriate sole for the Indy boots. I like the crepe sole on the dressier boots.

  2. Ryan says:

    I would submit that the commando sole is by far more appropriate and logical choice for the indy boot than the original… the standard leather sole never made any sense to me considering the boot’s intended use (it does have “work” in the name)…

  3. Michael D says:

    Is it possible to get commando soles put on other shoes? I have some non-Alden boots I’d like resoled with commando soles.

    • Yes! The only place I know that will put Alden soles on non-Alden shoes is Moulded Shoe in NYC. I’m sure there are some circumstances that could prevent them from doing it but give them a call and see if they can put some on for you. Thanks for reading!

      • Michael D says:

        Thanks! That’s very helpful. Fortunately I’m in NYC, so I’ll probably head up there this week to get my boots resoled.

  4. zippyh says:

    BTW, the suede Indys are from Leather Soul.

  5. Nick says:

    I’ve never seen Indy Boots sold with this sole. Where do you buy them?

  6. josh Stern says:

    I went on Blackbird’s website and their Foss Tugger boot has an offwhite goodyear rubber sole on a PT Boot which I think would be softer than the traditional soles- being diabetic my feet are a source of constant pain and the traditional soles limit my using them- COULD YOU PLEASE RECOMMEND A RETAILER WHO COULD POSSIBLY GERRYRIG MY SHOES? Many Thanks~josh

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