Blue in Review

With Fall approaching, the time has come to retire my blue suede unlined bluchers for the season. I got these early in the year and they have been a refreshing addition to my Alden quiver. Soft, breathable, and beautiful, these shoes always get a compliment or two. For care, all I do is brush them off. I didn’t even spray them with anything.

We’ve seen several instances of this luxurious material used in makeups this year. Alden is not usually known for having much color in the mix, so I think the blue suede has added appeal just by virtue of being the lone dash of color in a sea of browns. The suede that Alden has sourced is particularly rich in color and has an almost velvet quality. Traces of blue over-spray in the lining tell me that some amount of blue dye is added at the factory but whatever they do, it’s working.

Feedback for this color has been positive, and judging by the response I’ve seen, I would say it has not yet hit its peak. Spring 2011 is not that far off and I know we are going to see a lot more blue makeups for next year.

Photo Tommy Ton


Leather Soul

Leffot (Nubuck not suede, but still!)



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3 Responses to Blue in Review

  1. Clifford says:

    I almost pulled the trigger on the Leffot’s blue nubuck boots earlier this year but I couldn’t really figure out what I had in my wardrobe that matches/compliments the color.

  2. Wisco says:

    Like @Clifford, I too had considered buying a pair of blue Aldens, but I can’t see them going with much else other than dark selvedge jeans. With tan or gray they would be an you’d look like French guy sporting all kinds of weird. I’ll stick to my snuff suede unlined chukkas for now.

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