Welts, Part 2

Close Heel vs. All-Around welts

A shoe may have a welt that wraps the entire way around the sole, or it can stop just before the heel when a cleaner look is desired. This is independent of the type of welt and as far as I can tell there is no functional difference between the two. An all-around welt extends the heel out a bit which gives a shoe a more substantial look overall, and a close heel gives a shoe a sleeker profile.

One of the more common examples of a close heel is the Indy boot.

This balmoral also features a close heel. You can see that the welt stops at the heel block.

An all-around welt must meet at some point. This photo shows where the ends join together. Alden chooses to position this joint on the inside edge just above the start of the heel.



The whiskey plain toe blucher shown below uses an all-around welt to give the shoe a solid platform.

This cordovan Indy has an all-around welt. This, combined with the commando sole, gives the boot a very solid rear quarter.

The boot below has a close heel with a commando sole. It still has a very capable look but is perhaps a bit more balanced.


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