Jason Foote is a San Francisco native. He is at times an artist, musician, graphic designer, illustrator, and fashion designer.

He is, without a doubt, obsessed with Alden.


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  1. Josh says:

    Hello. I just saw your post on SuFu and will be following you here. In your experience, would you agree that sizing on the Barrie last should be a half size down from your Brannock measured size? i.e. 10.5 Brannock—>10 Barrie. Thanks.

    • Thanks for reading!
      Usually the half-size-down method works for Barrie. The brannock doesn’t account for foot volume so sometimes it doesn’t quite work, but in general Barrie is a half size down.
      I always suggest trying on a pair if you can before buying. If not, make sure there is a decent return/exchange policy. Good luck!
      Once you find your size, your feet will be so happy!

  2. John Missing says:

    A great surprise to find this elegant new blog dedicated to my favorite brand of shoes. Thanks for taking the time to put it together. Have you given any thought to a section or page listing useful data about Aldens? For instance, it might be nice to see a table of all of the currently used lasts and how they vary in size/fitting from each other. That way, if a reader knows that he is, say, a 10 in a Barrie, he can have some confidence about his size on other lasts. Given the amount of internet purchasing, this sort of information would be useful. Other possibilities include the different materials used with a picture of each, Alden catalog numbers with pictures, or a gallery with common models and perhaps some of the more spectacular make-ups. Perhaps even a section where readers could submit pictures of their favorites. Pictures of vintage Aldens might be of particular interest to your readers. I enjoyed the write-up of Molded Shoe; you might also consider interviewing some of the old time retailers to get their perspective on the history of retailing these shoes, the changes they’ve seen, their observations on the current surge in Alden popularity, and that sort of thing.

    Thanks again.

  3. Jacques says:

    It’s great to find your blog thanks to the fine folks over at Put-This-On and I have just finished reading all the posts you have up. Can’t wait for new ones.

    I’m new to the world of Aldens and am so happy that I found them about 4 months ago. I purchased a beautiful Augusta in Burgundy and a black 5th Ave and have been so delighted with them that I find myself browsing eBay just to admire others. This has lead me to purchasing another used pair of Park Ave in a nice Burgundy for everyday use instead of my tennis shoes. This in turn has lead me to change my every day dressing style, and then to a number of compliments every time I go out.

  4. Alan says:

    Without a doubt an amazing blog!

  5. Dylon says:

    very interesting read!!!

    i’ve been wanting to take the plunge into a pair of proper shoes, learnt about aldens and found you!

    i too have a fit qn, i measured up US10 D-E on the branock device, have been trying to find a pair of boots from alden in this size, originally looking at the indy in black to start, but trubalance last seems quite a difficult pick for size, what would you recommend in terms of size for the indy and also if you know of any other models that fit the description?

    i’m a US10 for redwings and most dress/ work type of shoes, i’m a uk9.5/43.

    also any good online stores? i’m in singapore, and i def do not have any alden dealer near me to buy/ try before i buy.

    thanks very much!

  6. sack says:

    hi jason,
    GREAT site! and love the collaborations! i just recently purchased my first pair of aldens. the ultimate indy. i can see how one can become obsessed with aldens! hoping it will be a good christmas, as i have pointed my girl towards the unionmade site…

    quick question, living in ny and planning to WEAR my boots, was hoping you might have some recommendations on how to care for them. have received some conflicting opinions…

    • Thanks! Glad you like it.

      As for boot care, it’s true there are many opinions. Here’s mine: The Ultimate Indy really doesn’t need any prep work to prepare for rain and snow. The Kudu leather already is loaded with oil so no need to put anything on it for a while. Get some shoe trees. Put them in after you wear the boots. If the boots get soaking wet, stuff them with newspaper and let it soak up most of the moisture then put your shoe trees in. After a month or two of heavy use, you can condition the boots with some neetsfoot oil or some beeswax based cream. That’s pretty much it.

  7. Stefan says:

    hello Jason,

    nice blog! can you send me an email please, don’t find your on the page. thanks!

  8. Hi, Jason, can you give some advice on getting a good price on Alden? Do they ever go on sale ( other then the discontinued styles)? I am deciding between a burgundy cordovan wing tip vs a longwing for my first Alden purchase. Which one do you prefer? I like the color but I am a little concerned about it being too reddish.

    • Unfortunately Aldens are rarely marked down. You can get discount codes sometimes for J. Crew or Sherman Brothers and Brooks Brothers has them on sale periodically.

      If you are concerned that burgundy is too red, look at the longwing in Cigar shell. It’s available at Shoemart and Alden SF. That’s what I have and I love it!

  9. MR_Song says:

    Heyy, I just want to say thank you for having this great blog!! I just started to get into this Alden world, and ur blog provides lots of good info on it. Now I’m so obsessed with Alden! My first pair is the Alden x Unionmade Indy shoe, and I’m slowly starting to burn my wallet with 2nd, 3rd….- – Anyway, will follow ur blog from now. Keep it up!

  10. sack says:

    hey jason,

    thanks for the advice on the ultimates, just realized i;d never said thanks for the response…

    happy holidays!

  11. Hova says:

    Check out this recent thread on the state of Alden shoe quality these day’s – http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=224200
    Could it be from the ramp up it production from all the hipster demand? Not good for us Alden lover’s.

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